Payments in European Economic Area

Payments in EEA are payments to one of the European Economic Area countries on the following conditions:

  • Currency: EUR
  • Commission type: SHA
  • Beneficiary’s account must be in IBAN


Special rates for payments in EUR within EEA

SEPA will ensure that customers and companies are able to place and receive non-cash euro payments with the same terms and conditions regardless of whether the payment is domestic or cross-border, while at the same time introducing more efficient and secure payment instruments and methods in the European market.

Please carefully check if the receiver’s details are correct, otherwise, if the payment is missing any of the details, the intermediary and beneficiary banks have the rights to charge an additional commission.


European Economic Area (EEA) members

Iceland, Norway, Lichtenstein and 28 countries of EU: Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, United Kingdom, Czech Republic, Denmark, France, Greece, Estonia, Ireland, Italy, Croatia, Cyprus, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxemburg, Malta, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Finland, Spain, Hungary, Germany, Sweden.


Payments in EUR outside European Economics Area (EEA) countries

PNB Banka offers payment and clearing services all over the world. We guarantee fast, convenient and high quality service at the benefit of a wide network of correspondents, access to clearing system and TARGET2 and advanced automatic payment processing system.


TARGET2 is the RTGS system for the euro, offered by Eurosystem. It is used for the settlement of central bank operations, large-value euro interbank transfers and other euro payments. It provides real-time processing, settlement in central bank money and immediate finality.