Payment card maintenance

As from 1 July 2016 VISA system cards are not being issued anymore.

Service Mastercard® Business Mastercard® Business Gold Mastercard® Business Platinum
1. Card/additional card issue fee 80 EUR 150 EUR 300 EUR
2. Fee for the use of the card/additional card per year 80 EUR 150 EUR 300 EUR
3. Servicing of card account with inactive card* 20 EUR monthly
4. Purchase fee
- in Latvia and abroad free of charge
- at the following traders (see the attachment) 1% of transaction value (min. 2 EUR)
5. Cash withdrawal fee1
- in PNB Banka with a card 2% (min. 5 EUR)
- in PNB Banka without using a card 2% (min. 5 EUR)
- in ATMs, including ATMs of PNB Banka, and in POS-terminals of other banks 2% (min. 5 EUR)
6. Payment from a card account According to the tariffs for payments
7. Fee for extraordinary replacement of card 30 EUR free of charge free of charge
8. Fee for automatic card account replenishment 10 EUR
9. Fee for urgent card issue (8 hours) 30 EUR free of charge free of charge
10. Commission for ATM balance request 0,40 EUR
11. Currency exchange mark-up ** 2,5%
12. Minimum amount of a security deposit - 5000 EUR 10000 EUR
13. Annual interest rate on a security deposit - according to current deposit rates
14. Loan amount (% of placed deposit) - 80% 50%
15. Priority Pass extraordinary card renewal - 25 EUR
16. Fast Track at Riga International Airport2 - Included2

* The fee is charged if the card is expired, and if the annual/monthly fee for card usage is not paid in case the card is lost, stolen or damaged or which has been suspended for other reasons, and the customer has not received a new payment card.

** Currency exchange mark-up applies, if the transaction currency differs from the card account currency

1Amounts above USD 15 000 or EUR 10 000 or equivalent in other currencies (except USD) must be requested one working day in advance by 15:00 at any Bank's customer service or using the Call Centre or Internet banking InternetBanka.


2 Holders of Masterсard® Platinum are entitled receiving two free of charge coupons per month. Commission fee for ordering further coupons (within calendar month) – EUR 8.50. Commission fee for ordered coupons will be charged during first 5 business days following reporting period. Coupon is valid one year since order date.