PNB Banka payment cards are convenient!





PNB Banka's cards will become mascots for their holders and will not only help in the implementation of daily operations, but will also give special strength to achieve the goals of life.

Contactless payments technology

For premium cards – payments without addational commissions

Secure Online Shopping

One card account - 4 currencies

Mastercard Platinum

The card is for the most demanding and ambitious customers, whose high status is undeniable, and the taste – perfect.

“Mēness” – is a sign that symbolizes protection and reliability.

The image of this particular symbol on Mastercard Platinum embodies the reliability and technological advancement of the Bank.

Mastercard Gold

The card for those whose life is always in motion and development. It emphasizes the individuality and opens the world of large opportunities and privileges.

"Saule" - a symbol of the sun, eternal movement, light and harmony. It is precisely this sign that is at the center of the composition on the map, giving its owner power and energy.

Mastercard Standard

The card for active and dynamic people.

The symbol of this card "Auskelis" is the morning star, day after day telling us the right way.

Mastercard Debit

For practical users.