"PNB Premium" set

Type of service Fee
1. Issuance of the set of products „PNB Premium”
Issuance of the main card Mastercard® Platinum (included: Priority Pass) 400.00 EUR1
Issuance of an additional card Mastercard® Platinum (included: Priority Pass)
Issuance of an additional Mastercard® Standard card
Issuance of additional card Mastercard® Debit (up to two cards)
Opening InternetBanka and issuing the identification tool DigiPass 270
Connecting to SMS bank and receipt of SMS per phone number (for the main card Mastercard® Platinum account)
Interest for maintaining the minimum balance of „PNB Premium” main card account in EUR currency – 0.3% (yearly)
2. Monthly payment for using the set of products “PNB Premium”: 20.00 EUR2
1 Other service tariffs related to providing services included in the set are applied pursuant to the standard service tariffs, established for specific service.
2 Payments for issuing and maintaining the set in USD are deducted in EUR, according to the currency exchange rate established by the Bank, valid at the day of deducting the service payment.