Payment rules

Terms of Commission Payments via the Bank’s Home Page on the Internet

1. General Provisions 
1.1. These Terms (hereinafter – the Terms) regulating the procedure of payment of commission (hereinafter – the Commission) set by AS NORVIK BANKA, registration No.40003072918, legal address – 15-2 Elizabetes Street, Riga, LV-1010, via the Bank’s home page on the Internet is a document laying down the Payer and the Bank’s rights and obligations, as well as the payment terms. 
1.2. Within the meaning of the Terms, the Payer is a legally capable person, the existing or a potential Bank’s client, who pays the Commission via the Bank’s home page on the Internet (hereinafter – the Site). 
1.3. The Site and the intended Commission payment via the Site are provided by the Bank. 
1.4. By using the Site, the Payer agrees that the Bank processes the Payer’s submitted personal data related to provision of the Bank’s services. The data processing controller is the Bank, while the purpose of personal data processing is service provision and maintenance. The personal data submitted by the Payer are processed based on Paragraphs 1, 2, 3 and 6 of Section 7 of the Personal Data Protection Law. 
1.5. By paying the Commission, the Payer confirms that he has read and agrees to these Terms, as well as to the Bank’s General Provisions for Transactions. 
1.6. Payment cards of the following payment systems can be used at the Site: Visa, Mastercard. 

2. Commission Payment Procedure 
2.1. When paying the Commission, the Payer confirms that the nature of the Commission corresponds to the Payer’s will. 
2.2. The Commission must be paid in full and as a lump sum payment. 
2.3. The Commission can be paid by a registered Payer only. 
2.4. To become a registered Payer, a special registration form must be filled out. The registration form must be filled out every time when making the Payment. 
2.5. Upon execution of the Payment the Payer receives a notification to his e-mail regarding the status of the transaction. 
2.6. The Bank is entitled to set a time restriction within which the Commission payment transaction has to be completed. If such time restriction is set, information on the time within which the Payment has to be completed is specified on the Site and, should the Payer fail to make the Payment at the specified time, it is considered that the Payer has refused to make the chosen Commission payment, and the Payer has to initiate the payment process from scratch. 
2.7. Transaction processing time takes from 1 to 3 days. 
2.8. The Commission payment day is the day when the Payer’s made payment is credited to the Bank’s transit account. 
2.9. The Commission can be paid in the person’s own or another person’s interests. 

3. Commission Return and Replacement Procedure 
3.1. If the Payer has paid the Commission wrongly or the Bank has not provided the service the Commission has been paid for, the Payer has to submit a reasoned application to the Bank. Next, the Bank evaluates it and makes a decision to pay back/not to pay back the Commission. If the decision is made to pay back the Commission, the Commission will be credited back to the Payer’s card account, from which the transaction was made. 

4. Responsibility 
4.1. The Payer is responsible for the correct data input of the Payer and payment cards. 
4.2. The Payer is responsible for the lawful use of the payment card. 
4.3. The Bank is responsible for confidentiality and non-disclosure of information provided by the Payer, as well as for execution of the transfer. 

5. Miscellaneous 
5.1. All the disputes and disagreements are to be settled by mutual agreement. 
5.2. If there are any suspicions of the alleged fraudulent nature of a transaction, the Bank is entitled not to make the transfer of the Commission and to withhold the credited funds until the circumstances are clarified. 
5.3. The Bank reserves the right to amend at any time the Terms of Commission Payments via the Bank’s Home Page on the Internet.