Andris Stengrevics

Data Protection Officer

How did you come to PNB Banka, what was the beginning of your carrier?

Initially, I worked in a legal office, which consulted PNB Banka, but later together with colleagues we started to work in the Bank. At the beginning, as a lawyer, I worked in the area of crediting corporate and non-resident customers, later also in the area of financial instruments, product development, elaboration of the bank’s regulations.


What was your main gain while working at PNB Banka?

Working in the Bank, I realised that there are no insolvable things and issues. A solution can be found in any situation. Especially when people work in a team. This is very valuable and useful experience for me.


How would you describe PNB Banka as an employer?

PNB Banka has a humane and flexible attitude towards its employees and, as an employer, it, in fact, takes great care of its employees. It is not boring to work at the bank, as the work is constantly dynamic. The fact that an employer can offer a challenge on a daily basis, of course, also provides additional encouragement for personal development.