Announcement on the sale through competitive bidding of the real estate –land plots in Blagovo village located in Tula Oblast, Kashisrky Districy, on the border of Yasnagorsk town, owned by OOO Orion (the insolvent AS PNB Banka group company)


The insolvency process administrator of the insolvent AS PNB Banka, registration No 40003072918 (hereinafter – “the Bank”), Vigo Krastiņš, and the limited liability company “OOO Orion”, registration No 5077746753497 (hereinafter – “OOO Orion”), in cooperation with SIA Latio, registration No 41703000843 (hereinafter – “Latio”), hereby announce the sale in a voluntary competitive bidding of the real estate object – land plots in in Blagovo village located in Tula Oblast, Kashisrky Districy, on the border of Yasnagorsk town, owned by “OOO Orion” . (hereinafter – the Real Estate). The total area of the territory – 4 642 700 sq.m., The Real Estate includes:

Land plots

Cadastral numbers Area m2


50:37:0010104 :10 (1 350 000m2)

50:37:0010104:11 (803 400 m2)

50:37:0010104:1 (2 465 100 m2)

50:37:0010104:13 (24 200 m2)

Total 4 642 700 m2


According to the public cadastral map, the land plots are intended for residential construction, complex residential development. The plots can be accessed through the territory of either village – Peretrutovo (Russian: Перетрутово), or Lyodovskye Vyselky (Лёдовские Выселки), from there onwards down the unsurfaced roads.

If agreed with the organiser of the competitive bidding, it is possible for the winner of the competitive bidding to change the above real estate purchase transaction for a OOO Orion capital share purchase transaction, but without reducing the purchase price.


The mortgage lender – joint-stock company “IPAS PNB Asset”, registration No 40003411599.

The appraised value and starting price of the Real Estate – EUR 4 813 791.

Application deadline – 26 August, 2021, 05:00 PM.


To arrange for examination of the Real Estate and find out more information about it, please call + 7 929 601 85 13 on business days from 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM. A presentation about the object is available here.

Information on applying for the competitive bidding, the competitive bidding procedure, conditions for closing transactions and other relevant information is provided in the competitive bidding regulations published on the Bank’s website or Latio’s website For more information on competitive bidding regulations or receiving presentation materials please call the representative of the Bank’s insolvency process administrator at +371 29415520.


All persons willing to participate in the competitive bidding should complete the following:

- by 26 August, 2021, 05:00 PM, complete the identification process, submit the application form filled out in compliance with the Regulations, as well as all other necessary documents;

- by 26 August 2021, 11:59 PM, transfer the participation fee of EUR 121, incl. VAT – EUR 21 to the Bank’s account No LV96BLIB1001005254002 in AS Baltic International Bank.


The application for participation in the competitive bidding and the documents attached thereto shall be submitted at the Bank’s office in Riga, 15-2 Elizabetes Street (Latvian: Elizabetes iela 15-2), on business days from 09:00 AM to 05:00 PM, or sent via e-mail to in the form of an electronic document duly signed with a secure electronic signature and a time stamp.