Balance management service

Norvik Banka offers its clients – holders of Norvik Banka’s payment cards, specialised balance management services.
We offer a great solution, allowing you to save time if there is a need to control balances of several payment cards simultaneously, and if you have additional cards used by your family members.
Apply for our Minimum Balance Maintenance service, determine the minimum amount of balance on a particular card’s account and, if the balance will fall below the amount you have specified, the account of the card will be automatically replenished with funds from your other account in Norvik Banka and at intervals selected by you.
Accordingly, the Maximum Balance Maintenance service allows you to control the maximum balance on your card account. The funds, exceeding the determined balance will be automatically transferred to your specified account in Norvik Banka.
The aforementioned services are also available for the users of settlement cards and may be used by two clients of Norvik Banka.
This is a great opportunity to control expenses of the users of additional cards and create provisions.
You can apply for the said services via e-Norvik system in the “Services" section.
You take care of your loved ones, while Norvik Banka takes care of you.