Information for the Bank’s clients


On client current/card account commission fees


Due to the decision of the Council of the Financial and Capital Market Commission as of 15 August 2019 on unavailability of deposits and prohibition to provide financial services, the last commission fees for client current/card account maintenance were calculated and withdrawn for the period from 01.08.2019 to 15.08.2019.


After 15.08.2019 no commission fees for current/card account maintenance are charged regardless of the account status (open/closed), and the Bank ensures gradual closing of current/card accounts.


Clients can find out more information on the withdrawn commission fees by receiving an account statement at the Bank or on the internet-bank.


However, if a client has an outstanding commission fee debt for the services rendered by the Bank before 15.08.2019, such debt is not cancelled and is due. Clients may find out the debt amount, if any, as well as payment arrangements, by calling the Bank’s Client support service at +371 67041100. It is also possible to find out the amount of debt on the internet-bank.


On PNB Banka settlement cards issued to the clients


Please note that the payment cards issued by PNB Banka are suspended and the use thereof is prohibited. Please destroy your payment cards by cutting them through the chip.


To find out whether there is a debt on your payment card account, please call the Bank’s Client support service at +371 67041100 or check on the internet-bank.