PNB Banka is to take part in the conference INTAX Private Capital in Moscow


On February 11, Lotte Hotel Moscow will host the annual conference INTAX Private Capital. PNB Banka is a sponsor of the event, while a member of the board of the bank Dmitrii Kalmykov will deliver a presentation on the development of the banking sector in Latvia and on topical issues related to the opening and servicing of accounts in European banks.


INTAX Private Capital is one of the largest conferences on structuring, taxation and management of private capital of wealthy residents of the Russian Federation. Traditionally, the event is attended by over 300 delegates from different countries. Among them, there are private bankers, heads of VIP client servicing units, tax and financial advisers, representatives of family offices and trust companies, investment migration program advisers and many others.


Topical issues of the current conference: confirmation of the legality of the origin of funds and income sources, international exchange of tax and banking information: challenges and solutions for wealthy persons, protection of capital and assets in Russia and abroad: corporate and financial instruments, tax planning for natural persons, investment migration as a tool of tax planning and protection of assets of wealthy persons, leaving assets and business as inheritance in Russia and abroad.


"We are always glad to take part in INTAX conferences. It is one of the most prominent forums of the banking sector, which allows the industry experts to exchange the latest information, present new cases, find common interests," – noted Dmitrii Kalmykov, member of the board of PNB Banka.


In his opinion, such large-scale events allow presenting a true picture of the market: "Many industry players still believe that the Latvian banks are closed for international clients. Therefore, one of our key tasks is to dispel this myth. In PNB Banka, we work actively with all clients, also the ones outside Latvia, who meet the statutory provisions".


"The changes that took place last year in the banking industry and in the laws of many countries challenge the market players. We are ready to face the challenges and see a window of opportunities in it! For more information, visit INTAX, and see you at PNB Banka's stand!" added Kalmykov.


Apart from Dmitrii Kalmykov, representative of PNB Banka in Moscow Ilya Rivkin will also take part in the conference


Official website of the conference INTAX Private Capital.