Norvik Banka: fast forward to the future


Specialists from Norvik Banka’s Product development department visited “MasterCard 2016: DRIVING DIGITAL. Fast forward to the Future”, held on September 28-29 in Lisbon, Portugal.

MasterCard presented their newest developments in the area of contactless payments. Development of technology moves forward, leaving “usual” plastic cards with built-in antennas and NFC technology behind. New solutions allow transactions with cellphone via special apps.

MasterCard introduced participants to their latest achievements in biometrics: now transactions can be confirmed with iris scan or fingerprint.

New platform that allows client to select extra services for a new card sparked quite an interest. Using it, client can choose from a list of options when ordering a new card. MasterCard also demonstrated client segmentation and sets of services, developed according to each type of client behavior.

Special attention was dedicated to B2B segment. MasterCard presented a detailed analytics of Business-class card usage, from customer needs to recommendations on card promotion.

A separate presentation was made for a robot, capable to detect customer’s basic needs. As a proof-of-concept, MasterCard simulated a real-life situation in café: robot greeted the customer, took order and payment.

Inna Zykova, head of Norvik Banka’s Product development department, shares her impressions on MasterCard conference: “Technology goes forward in leaps and if we want to stay on trend, we must be able to keep to that rhythm and meet our customers’ expectations. Card products are among our primary goals for development and we follow closely on new technologies and market development trends. This conference is definitely useful to us. First, it gave us a chance to meet and talk to our colleagues from other countries, second, it gave us unique knowledge received directly from developer and we plan to start implementing them in Norvik Banka as soon as possible”.