Frequently asked questions about submission of creditor claims or other demands

How to file?
Until when can I file a creditor’s claim?
You can file the creditor’s claim to the insolvent AS PNB Banka until 19 December (inclusive).
Is there any specific application format, or I can write it in a free format?
You can file the creditor’s claim in a free format, observing to the requirements specified in the announcement, or you can use the completed application template.
The creditor's claim shall be prepared in Latvian or shall be submitted with a notarized translation into Latvian.
Creditors are required to convert their claims in foreign currency to EUR at the exchange rate of the European Central Bank as on15 August 2019.
If I file a translation of the document, should it be notarised?
Yes, a translation should be notarised.
Should I file the documents personally, or I can empower some other person?
You may not submit the documents personally, but the other person will need to present a power of attorney, authorising him/her to file the documents on your behalf.
How can I certify the lawful origin of the funds?
You can certify it with documents, reflecting the way the funds have been obtained. It may be a written explanation with attached documents, certifying the lawful origin of the respective funds – account statements, agreements, SRS declarations, statements, etc.
Where to file?
Where shall I file the creditor’s claim?
You shall file the creditor’s claim by visiting the place of operation of the insolvency administrator of AS PNB Banka – 15-2 Elizabetes Street, Riga, LV-1010.
You can file the documents without visiting the place of operation of the insolvency administrator. You can send the originals of the documents, or their notarised copies, or copies certified compliant with the laws and regulations of the Republic °of Latvia, by regular mail.
Moreover, you can send the documents by e-mail as an electronic document containing a safe electronic signature and a time stamp to the following e-mail address:
Can the documents be filed in person only in Riga? What are your business hours?
You can file the documents in person only in Riga at the following address: 15-2 Elizabetes Street. Prior registration is required, phone: 67041112. Business hours – from 9.00 a.m. until 6.00 p.m.
What’s next?
How long after filing the documents will I have to wait for the bank’s response?
We will respond as soon as possible, but probably in about a month. We will examine all applications and each creditor will then receive a letter with the decision or suggestions for eliminating deficiencies in the creditor’s claim.
When I will have submitted all the necessary documents and will have received the bank’s decision on the recognition of the creditor's claim, how long will I have to wait for the money?
The disbursement of funds will be launched only after we will complete all verifications as required by laws and regulations, including the methodology described in Section 146.1(2) of the Credit Institution Law. Creditor’s claims will be covered following the statutory procedures, but at the moment it is impossible to forecast the time required.