NOTICE on 1st auction for selling of real estate at Rītupes - 1, Grēnes, Olaines novads

The administrator of the Insolvent JSC PNB Banka, registration No. 40003072918, (hereinafter – “the Bank”) Vigo Krastins, and Lanata, Limited Liability Company, registration No. 40103214284, (hereinafter – “Lanata LLC”) in cooperation with Latio LLC, registration No. 41703000843, (hereinafter – “Latio”), hereby announce the 1st auction for selling of the real estate, owned by Lanata LLC, at Rītupes - 1, Grēnes, Olaines novads, cadastral No. 8080 003 0005, consisting of a land plot of 6.7 ha (hereinafter – “the Property”), at electronic auctions web-site

Valuation and the Auction starting price of the Property is 85 330 EUR. Auction increment is 1 500 EUR. Auction price is not subject to Value Added Tax.

The auction bidding opening date and time: 04.01.2021 at 13:00. The Auction bidding closing date and time: 12.01.2021 at 13:00. Application for auction deadline: 04.12.2020 at 17:00.


Information on application for auction, auction procedure, conditions for transaction closing and other matters are stated by the Auction rules (hereinafter – “the Auction Rules”), freely available at the Bank’s web-site or Latio web-site Telephone for further information +371 67032300.


All persons wishing to participate at the Auction of the Property shall complete the following:

- until 04.12.2020 at 17:00, examine the Auction Rules, be present at identification at Latio and/or Bank’s office, sign a written confirmation of acceptance of the Auction Rules, submit a completed Application form filled in according to the Auction Rules and all the other documents indicated in the Auction Rules, to Latio and/or to the Bank;

- until 04.12.2020 at 23:59, transfer the participation fee of 121 EUR, incl. Value Added Tax of 21 EUR, to the Bank’s account No. LV85PRTT0260000003400, Privatbank JSC;

- transfer the security deposit of 10% of the starting price of the Property, i.e. 8 533 EUR, to the Bank’s account No. LV85PRTT0260000003400, Privatbank JSC, meeting the deadline and procedure, stated by the Auction Rules.


Application for participation at the Auction and the documents attached thereto shall be submitted to the Bank in Riga, at Elizabetes iela 15-2, on working days between 9:00 – 17:00, or to Latio in Riga, at Elizabetes iela 21A, on working days between 9:00 – 17:00, or shall be sent to the e-mail address in the form of an electronic document duly signed by secure electronic signature including time stamp.


All the persons having right to the Property prohibiting selling thereof at the Auction, shall to court before closing of the Auction.