About Bank

PNB Banka has about 100 thousand customers, of which 95% are residents of Latvia and two out of three of them are seniors.

PNB Banka is the most affordable bank in Latvia, both because it has the widest network of branches and because we really care about every customer, especially those whose financial needs cannot always be understood and fulfilled by other banks. PNB Banka respects every customer, both the one who wants to use modern online banking and apps on the phone and the one who feels safer when handling everyday financial matters in a branch in a way and language understandable to him or her. While other banks are optimising their resources and limiting their on-site availability, we are able to provide services in the way most convenient for customers, respecting their habits, because a large part of people choose to carry out their financial transactions on-site.

There are three fundamental values of the Bank that help us keep the right focus when doing everyday work and taking important decisions. They form the basis of our relationship with our customers, development of new services and products and cooperation with our colleagues and partners.



We care about people.
People need a comfortable financial environment every day and we provide it.
We are accessible and approachable.


By working in a team, we are able to respond quickly and flexibly to change.
We analyse future trends and constantly work on new technological solutions.


Our services are simple and easy to use.
We are learning and improving to make the business environment sustainable.