Social responsibility

Every year, we strive to respond to various requests for help as well as to contribute to the enrichment and improvement of Latvia’s cultural and social life.



The main group of customers which is currently most widely served by PNB Banka is Latvian seniors. Therefore, the Bank has developed products and services that are specifically tailored to the needs of these customers, such as advisors for seniors in branches and the telephone line for seniors in the customer information centre, the succession account, the power of attorney for family members and home service for customers.
In 2017, the Bank entered into a five-year partnership agreement with the Latvian Pensioners’ Federation, providing not only financial support for the federation, but also the involvement of seniors in the employment programme developed by PNB Banka. The new employment initiative envisages the involvement of seniors in active work with PNB Bankas as advisors in the Bank’s branches. Seniors are offered the opportunity to choose the working hours that suit them best, acquire knowledge about the latest digital financial solutions of the Bank and transfer their knowledge to other seniors who are customers of the Bank.
The programme will help promote the inclusion of seniors in public life, including in the labour market. According to the Central Statistical Bureau’s data, 40% of all Latvian residents are over 50 years old. Besides, people in the age group from 50 to 61 years make up one third of all people of the working age. Both Latvian and European societies are aging, and the involvement of seniors in the labour market is a burning issue at the national level.
A lot of the elderly people visit the Bank’s branches on a daily basis, so we strive to make seniors always feel welcome. Here, they have the feeling of being understood and appreciated. They do not have to worry about misunderstanding something or being hastened, because financial advice is provided by other seniors who are open to finding the best solution or just talking.


The bank is people. And it is important for people to get involved, collaborate and help. In 2017, PNB Banka entered into a cooperation agreement with MTG TV Latvia, becoming a partner in the charity campaigns Angels Over Latvia and Goodness Day.
In 2018, PNB Banka continues to support and contribute to the creation of the Digital Freedom Festival in order to jointly raise awareness of the development of financial technologies and innovation in the region. In 2017, the festival gathered more than 1,300 technology and start-up company representatives, experts, opinion leaders, investors, journalists and students from 36 countries. PNB Investors Lounge hosted seven discussions that encouraged the audience to think about the financial sector, looking to the future. Bank managers and experts shared their opinions on the prospects of cryptocurrencies, new technologies, cyber security and the banking system.