Expand your business opportunities using one of our financing options:

  • Loans
  • Credit lines
  • Overdrafts
  • Microcredits

We offer loans for the following purposes:

  • To increase working capital: to finance current costs, purchase goods or pay for work/services (including taxes, rent, salaries, advertising, etc.)
  • To purchase commercial real property
  • To purchase road vehicles, self-propelled machinery and special installations for the purpose of expanding business
  • To purchase equipment
    To increase the existing production output


Short-term and long-term crediting for various purposes: to increase working capital, purchase assets, expand production, etc. A loan may be granted against collateral such as real estate or other assets of the company, provided that the respective collateral is registered in the Land Book and/or the Commercial Register.

Credit line

A short-term loan of funds which allows your company to borrow the amount required to replenish working capital within the limit set by the bank. The advantage of a credit line is a possibility for the company to regulate its cash flows on its own, i.e. borrow the funds repeatedly within the credit line limit and pay up the debt in parts, when available funds occur.


Provision of funds to your company by crediting its current account if there is not enough cash in the account or the company’s funds are not available. The loan is repaid by transferring funds to this current account. The advantage of an overdraft is the opportunity to get a loan without collateral.

We recommend applying for an overdraft if:

  • You need to make an urgent payment, but funds on your current account are not available at this moment
  • You often miss the opportunity to close profitable deals because you cannot collect the necessary working capital in time
  • You have to reserve part of the working capital for the timely payment of the supplies, payment of salaries, etc., thus reducing the possible profits of your company


A credit product designed specifically for small and medium-sized enterprises as well as individual entrepreneurs.

Key advantages:

  • Quick decision-taking on granting the loan: only 3 business days
  • Flexible approach to the collateral (collateral-free crediting options of up to EUR 10,000)
  • No penalty for early repayment of the loan

How to receive a loan?


Submit the application

Go to the branch and submit the following documents:

  • The filled in

Application for a Loan for Legal persons

  • Legal documents (if there is no current account with PNB Banka):

- Registration Certificate
- The company’s Charter
- Copies of the owners’ passports

  • Financial documents:

- Statement from the State Revenue Service regarding tax payments (not older than 1 month)
- Balance sheets:

annual report for the previous year with a mark by the State Revenue Service (with a breakdown)
balance sheet for the current accounting period (with a breakdown)
P&L calculations for the current accounting period (with a breakdown)

  • Pledge documents
  • Other documents upon the bank’s request bank

Apply for a loan



Find out the answer within one week

The Bank will examine the application within 6 business days and inform you about its decision and the conditions for issuing the loan.


Sign the agreement and receive the loan

The money will be transferred to your account after signing the agreement by both parties.