Cash operations

Service Fee
1. Reception of cash  
1.1. Reception of cash on client's current, savings or card account in PNB Banka (including the opening of deposit)1
- EUR (up to 7 500 EUR per day) EUR 1 
- EUR (over 7 500 EUR per day) EUR 5.00+ 0,1% of amount
- in other currencies 0.3 % of amount (min. EUR 5.00)
1.2. Reception of cash on other clients current, savings or card account in PNB Banka (including the opening of deposit)
- EUR (up to 7 500 EUR per day) EUR 2 
- EUR (over 7 500 EUR per day) EUR 5.00 + 0,1% of amount
- in other currencies 0.4 % of amount (min EUR 5.00)
- reception of cash on the “Bērnu slimnīcas fonds” (reg.number 40008057120) current account (IBAN LV73LATB0002210084526) free of charge
1.3. Processing of coins (EUR) for deposition to the current account/card account, currency exchange, transfers or for payout from the account  
- up to 20 coins free of charge
- for each next deposit or payout (up to 50 coins) EUR 1.50
2. Cash withdrawal from client's settlement, deposit account, savings or card account2
- EUR wit prior notice, up to EUR 5000 a day - 0.2% of amount (min. 3.00 EUR)

over EUR 5000 a day - 0.4% of amount

over EUR 5000 a day without prior notice (according to Customer service centre options) - 0,5% of the amount
- in other currencies - with prior notice4 - 1% of amount (min. EUR 10.00)
- without prior notice (according to Customer service centre options) - 1.5% of amount (min. EUR 15.00)
2.1. Missing the date of pre-ordered cash5 0.3% of the amount
3. Cash withdrawal from payment card accounts  
3.1. Cash withdrawal from JSC PNB Banka cards without the card according to payment card tariffs
3.2. Cash withdrawal from payment cards of other banks (USD, EUR) 2% of amount
4. Payments and cash transfers  
- EUR transfer to different Latvian bank and within European Economics Area 1% of amount (min. EUR 4.00)
- transfers in other currencies to different bank depending on the currency
5. Reception of dirty, damaged banknotes, issued before 2004 banknotes of 50 GBP or issued in 1974-1990 US dollars 5% of amount
6. Exchange of money of different denominations  
- exchange of EUR banknotes for banknotes, coins 1% of amount (min EUR 4.00)
- foreign currency 1% of amount (min EUR 4.00)
- cash nominal check according to client’s request EUR 0.50 for each note or coin
7. Currency exchange according to the PNB Banka’s exchange rate. 0.1% of the amount, min. EUR 1, max. EUR 10 
8. Electronic application processing fees of cash payout EUR 1
* Coins of foreign currencies aren´t accepted and aren´t paid
** These commission fees are also applicable to merchants, self-employed persons and self-employed entrepreneurs.
1 On the day the account has been opened depositing of cash to the settlement account, card account or savings account is free of charge
2Disbursement of cash from the deposit account before maturity of the deposit agreement will be applied a penalty for early termination of the agreement. Disbursement of cash from the savings account without giving a notice 7 calendar days in advance will be applied a penalty for disbursement without giving a prior notice.
3,4Disbursement of cash over 7500.00 EUR and in other currencies shall be notified one working day in advance by 14:00 at any customer service centre of the Bank or via Contact centre or Internet bank InternetBanka. When ordering disbursement of cash, the Bank will withhold 50% of the commission according to the Tariffs with the remaining amount of the commission to be retained at disbursement of cash. In the event the claimed amount of cash is not withdrawn or smaller amount is withdrawn, the paid commission will not be returned.
5Commission is applied also if the Client has ordered disbursement of the deposit’s amount after expiry of the deposit agreement.