Corporate loans

Type of services Charges
1. Reviewing of the documents to check the creditworthiness Individually, min. 50.00 EUR
2. Execution and issuing of the loan (incl. overdraft) or extension of validity of agreement 1% of the amount of the loan, min. 50.00 EUR
3. Increasing of the loan amount 1% of the additional amount of the loan (min. 50.00 EUR)
4. Changes in the provisions of the Loan Agreement and Pledge Agreement not related to the loan amount or extension of maturity 0.5% of the loan amount (min. 50.00 EUR)
5. Execution of refinancing documents up to 2% of the loan amount repaid early (min. 700.00 EUR)
6. Reviewing of the borrower’s application incl. permission to disburse the dividends, obtain a loan from another credit institution or company, etc. 0.05% of the loan amount min. 50.00 EUR
7. Commission for reservation of the loan resources 2% per annum of the undisbursed loan amount
8. Legal assistance, incl. related to preparation of the documents for submission to the Land Register Office and/or Commercial Pledge Register of the Register of Enterprises (for each document) 25.00 EUR (incl. VAT 21%)
9. Submission of the documents to and receipt of the documents from the Land Register Office 60.00 EUR (incl. VAT 21%)
10. Submission of the documents to the Commercial Pledge Register in person 60.00 EUR (incl. VAT 21%)
11. Commission for redemption of commercial pledge for the clients that have repaid fully a loan intended for buying a car 60.00 EUR (incl. VAT 21%)
12. Co-ordination of the rent agreement of the pledged property and drafting and submission of the Bank’s written approval 0.5%-2% of the loan amount (min. 30.00 EUR)
13. Drafting and issuing of the Bank’s approval, as requested by the Client 0.5% of the loan amount min. 30.00 EUR
14. Drafting and issuing of the Bank’s authorization, as requested by the Client 30.00 EUR
15. Changes in loan’s collateral 0.2% of the sum of the collateral that is excluded from the composition of the collateral (min. 30.00 EUR)
16.Collateral valuation by Bank’s specialist Individually, min. 50.00 EUR per 1 object