Internetbank - table

Service Fee
1. Registration for Internetbank free of charge
2. Subscription fee for using the system (per month) free of charge
3. Issue and Change of DigiPass device  
- DigiPass GO3 EUR 10
- DigiPass 270 EUR 50
4. Unblocking of DigiPass device in Customer service centre EUR 10
5. Unblocking of DigiPass device via call center EUR 5
6. Change of DigiPass device by reason of device malfunction free of charge
7. SMS-PIN (application and use) free of charge
8. Connection and usage of Google Authenticator free of charge
9. Servicing fee for each Customer’s DigiPass device (except for one DigiPass device issued under the Customer’s set) EUR 2 per month
10. Change of a DigiPass limit or adaptation of the signatory rights to the company’s needs EUR 7
11. Fee for Internetbank payment order printout for legal entities EUR 1