Payments cards

Service MC® Business
1. Card issue fee EUR 5/ free of charge when applying for businessman's set
2. Fee for the use of the card per month EUR 3
3. Additional card issue fee EUR 2
4. Fee for the use of the additional card per year EUR 3
5. Monthly fee for using a card account without an active card starting from the 4th month EUR 0.50
6. Servicing of each account if the Customer is inactive (additional fee)

The Customer is considered to be inactive if over the last 12 months no Customer-initiated transactions have been executed on the account and the Customer has no other agreements concluded with the Bank (no executed deposits, Savings Account, loan or credit card with a credit limit)

EUR 5 per month
7. Purchase fee (incl. purchases online)
- in Latvia and abroad free of charge
- at the following traders (see the attachment) 1% of transaction value, min. EUR 2
8. Cash withdrawal fee
- in PNB Banka’s ATMs in Riga, 11 Raina boulevard, 2B Prusu Street 1% of amount, min. EUR 2
- in PNB Banka with a card
- EUR 0.2% of amount, min. EUR 2
- USD 0.4%
- in PNB Banka without using a card according to the Tarrifs for cash operations
In other ATM and other bank in Latvia 2%, min. EUR 3
9. Fee for extraordinary replacement of card EUR 5.50
10. Loan amount (% of placed deposit) according to agreement
11. Fee for urgent card issue (8 hours) EUR 20
12. Multi-currency account opening (single pay) EUR 10
13. Commission for ATM balance request EUR 0.50
14. Currency exchange mark-up

Currency exchange mark-up applies, if the transaction currency differs from the card account currency

15. Fee for balance request at PNB Banka’s ATM free of charge
16. Fee for PIN code change through PNB Banka’s ATM free of charge
17. Unblocking PIN code in PNB Banka’s ATM free of charge