PNB Banka payment cards are convenient!







Make a PNB Banka card and get rid of the need to have a large amount of cash in your hands - pay in shops, make purchases and reservations on the Internet, withdraw cash at ATMs


Card calculator

Contactless payment technology

Credit limit for unforeseen events

Secure payments online

convenient cost control in remote services

PNB Banka's cards will become mascots for their holders and will not only help in the implementation of daily operations, but will also give special strength to achieve the goals of life.

Mastercard Debit

Classical card for daily payments in shops and convenient online shopping, as well as cash withdrawal from ATMs.

"Austras koks" –the tree of life.

This sign symbolizes the relationship between generations and life energy.

Mastercard Standard

International standard credit card for persons with stable income.

The symbol of this card "Auskelis" is the morning star, day after day telling us the right way.

Mastercard Gold

Prestigious credit card, envisaged for the clients with long-term and successful collaboration with the Bank.

"Saule" - a symbol of the sun, eternal movement, light and harmony. It is precisely this sign that is at the center of the composition on the map, giving its owner power and energy.

Mastercard Platinum

Exclusive credit card that acknowledges the high status of the Bank’s client; their holders are automatically assigned the VIP status anywhere in the world and become the users of the prestigious Priority Pass program free of charge.