Citizen bank card

Service Type Fee
1. Fee for issuance of the card free of charge
2. Fee for use of the card
- For students
- For city residents
- For seniors
EUR 5 per year
EUR 1 per month
EUR 0.45 per month
3. Fee for extraordinary card replacement in case of loss or damage thereof EUR 5.50 
4. Purchase fee (incl. shopping online)  
- In Latvia and abroad free of charge
- at the following traders (see the attachment) 1% of transaction value (min. EUR 2)
5. Fee for cash withdrawal:  
- in PNB Banka’s ATMs in Riga, 11 Raina boulevard, 2B Prusu Street free of charge
- in other ATMs in Latvia and abroad
- in POS terminals of PNB Banka, with a card in EUR currency
up to EUR 700 one transaction in a month - free of charge;
over EUR 700 - 1% ,min. EUR 1.50, from the sum exceeding EUR 700;
the commission fee applied to all other transactions performed in the current month is 1% from the sum, min. EUR 1.50

The commission fee is withheld on the last business day of the month, in which the amount of the transaction was deducted from the customer’s card account

(see annex Information on the procedure of withholding the commission fee for cash withdrawal using a card at PNB Banka POS terminals and ATMs in Latvia and abroad)

- in POS terminals of other banks in Latvia and abroad 2% from the sum, min. EUR 3
6. Fee for cash withdrawal from card account (without using card) at PNB Banka according to the Tariffs of cash transactions
7. Fee for transfers from the Citizen card account according to the Payment Tariffs
8. Fee for unscheduled card exchange, in case of loss/damage of card EUR 5.50
9. Fee for balance enquiry at other ATMs EUR 0.28 
10. Fee for change of daily or monthly limit (for purchases and/or cash withdrawal) free of charge
11. Charges for receiving SMS-Bank messages:  
- on mobile phone
- on e-mail
EUR 0.10
free of charge
12. Interest for the use of the allowed credit limit 0 % per year
13. Penalty for an overrun of the assigned credit (interest is calculated from the date of occurrence of overspending the credit) 0 % per day
14. Penalty for each day of the monthly payment delay (relative to the amount of the monthly payment) 0 % per day
15. Review of documents for loan disbursement free of charge
16. Commission fee for registration and issuance of credit free of charge
17. Currency conversion fee 2.5 %
18. Fee for balance request at PNB Banka’s ATM free of charge
19. Fee for PIN code change through PNB Banka’s ATM free of charge
20. Unblocking PIN code in PNB Banka’s ATM free of charge
21. Verification of documents for a private person to open an account with a residence permit EUR 25