Other services

Service Fee
1. Executed payment order printout or certified payment order printout (for each payment order) EUR 1
2. Examination of inheritance documents  
   - within 3 business days EUR 10
   - urgently (within 1 business day) EUR 15
3. Sending of the copies of the Customer’s documents (SWIFT reports, certificates, account statements, etc.) via electronic channels EUR 3 including VAT
4. Trip of the Bank’s employee outside the Bank’s premises to provide a financial service EUR 25 per visit
5. Consulting about finance related issues at the premises of the Bank EUR 25 per hour (min. EUR 25)
6. Acceptance for execution of the bailiffs’ and State Revenue Service’s order for seizure of funds EUR 10
7. Money transfer under a bailiff’s order and a collection order from the State Revenue Service EUR 5
8. Reply to the request of the State Revenue Service or bailiff EUR 20
9. Sending of documents by:  
   - courier service EUR 50, incl. VAT
   - registered mail across Latvia EUR 5, incl. VAT
10. Appraisal of a pledge by the Bank’s specialist when reviewing the loan application individual (min. EUR 20 for each object)
11. Preparation of rates and fees overview
No commission fee is deduced for preparation of one (first) Rates and Fees Overview for one period. For each subsequent overview for the same period the specified commission fee shall apply.
EUR 50