Everyday package

Service Type Fee
Consideration of documents for opening the set 1 free of charge
Monthly payment for using the set 2 1.50 EUR3 / 3.50 EUR
The set includes the following products, services:
Account (opening and maintaining)  
Settlement card Mastercard® Standard (issuance and use)  
Internetbank (drafting and using)  
Internetbank's authorisation tool SMS-PIN (application and use)  
Transfers in Internetbank 4 (transfers in EUR within the European Economic Zone)  
Cash withdrawal fee:
- in PNB Banka’s ATMs (in Riga, 11 Raina boulevard, 2B Prushu street) free of charge
- in PNB Banka with a card (EUR currency)
- in other ATMs in Latvia and abroad
The first three transactions – free of charge,
starting with the fourth transaction - 1% of amount, (min. EUR 1.50)

The commission fee is withheld on the last business day of the month, in which the amount of the transaction was deducted from the customer’s card account

(see annex Information on the procedure of withholding the commission fee for cash withdrawal using a card at PNB Banka POS terminals and ATMs in Latvia and abroad)
USD 0,4%
in POS-terminals of other banks in Latvia and abroad 2%, min. 3 EUR
in PNB Banka without using a card:
EUR, USD, GBP, RUB In accordance with the Tariffs for cash transactions
Additional services
Obtaining property insurance, travel insurance and KASKO with PNB Apdrošināšanas Brokeris 10% discount from the standard price established by the insurer
Fee for balance request at PNB Banka’s ATM free of charge
Fee for requesting balance in other banks’ ATMs 0.28 EUR
Fee for PIN code change through PNB Banka’s ATM free of charge
Unblocking PIN code in PNB Banka’s ATM (available from 01.05.2017) free of charge
Card issuing fee by post in Latvia free of charge
Additional card fee (issuance and use) 2 EUR
Additional card fee (issuance and use) (for child aged 7 to 17) free of charge
Additional card fee (issuance and use) 50% discount on monthly payment for using the set
Discount on the following products (when purchasing products at the customer service center):
  • fee for currency exchange (conversion);
  • fee for the processing and issuance of Consumer loan;
  • Property Insurance, Accident Insurance and OCTA insurance
5% of standard price
Additional interest rate for 13-month (and more) deposits +0.05%
1 Payment for considering documents for obtaining the set is withheld at the moment of opening the set.
2 Monthly payment for using the set is withheld on the first business day of the month per each calendar month. The set is opened until the 15th day of the month, payment for using the set is withheld on the first business day of the following month. If the set is drafted after the 15th day of the month, the payment for the first use of the set is withheld on the first business day of the month the follows the following month.
3 Monthly fee of the stated amount is charged if during the previous calendar month the customer in total made more than 5 banking transactions of the following type: money transfers from the account attached to the set (the activity does not include money transfers made under the same client’s code with PNB Banka) or payments for goods and services made with a payment card, or cash withdrawal from an ATM using a payment card attached to the set. The date when the customer’s account is debited for the amount of the settlement is considered to be the settlement date.
4 Fee for use of the set does not include transfers for settlement of accounts on www.rekini.lv. For these transfers the fee is charged as for giro payment.


For a more convenient comparison of benefits of rates and fees for the service sets, we have prepared the following overview:


Product Everyday set tariffs broken down by products Everyday set3 tariffs broken down by products Tariffs applied if each service included in the set is used separately
Mastercard® Standard payment card linked to a card account 0.50 EUR 0.21 EUR 2 EUR issuance fee (one-off payment) and 1.20 EUR usage fee (monthly payment)
Internet-bank with SMS-PIN 1.50 EUR 0.65 EUR free
Transfers in EUR via Internet-bank PNB Internetbanka 1.50 EUR 0.65 EUR 0.36 EUR per payment
Total costs 3.50 EUR 1.50 EUR3 2.28 EUR
(3 payments per month)