Delineation of user rights

If you are an Owner of a company, a Top Manager, a Chief Accountant, or a Head of a Family, you will probably want to transfer a part of your duties, related to provision of an office with stationery, payment of wages, or utility payment to your employees or family members. PNB Banka offers you a service of delineation of users’ authority in the Internet bank InternetBanka, in order to be sure that funds are used for the purpose intended, not for other purposes, and that your executors do not have access to information which is not intended for them.



Installation of the following functions is offered to a user of a certain identification device in the system InternetBanka/T-Banka:


Restriction of access to particular accounts or types of accounts

It means that this user will not be able to see these accounts in the system InternetBanka/T-Banka, will not be able to request statement of specified accounts, and will not be able to effect transfers from the accounts specified.

  • Restrictions on use of particular operations (documents in the system) – e.g. this enables a user to effect transfers only from the Client accounts and to convert currency.
  • Restrictions on recipients of funds  – e.g. this enables to effect transfer of funds only to particular partners of a client.
  • Setting of limits - Limits on outgoing transfers can be set for users of the Identification Table or DigiPass GO3.
  • Dual signature - Opportunity of signing documents in the Internet bank InternetBanka only by means of 2 different devices DigiPass.



  • You are a chief executive of a company: you have an access and authority to all accounts and operations in the Internet bank InternetBanka and telephone bank T-Banka.
  • Your Chief Accountant: has an access and authority to all accounts and operations.
  • Your Chief Wages Accountant: has an access and authority to “wages” accounts of the company and wage payments to your employees only.
  • Your office manager or a secretary: has an access and authority for payment of current expenses related to provision of an office with stationery.
  • Bank management of Client’s authority
  • The Bank on the basis of a client’s written request can set a level for the specified identification device used by the Client – let us say “Manager” or “Executer”.


The Bank assigns status “Manager” or “Executer” for identification device, and does not participate in setting of authority for the Client’s users and is not responsible for consequences of the client’s actions as regards restrictions of authority of the Client’s users in the system InternetBanka.

Only the Client whose level is “Manager” can set and change authority of users whose level is “Executer”, by using the respective application in the system InternetBanka / T-Banka.


How much it costs?

The Bank sets monthly subscription fee for each user with limited authority according to bank charges (point 10).


Questions and Answers

1. Who can limit authority of a user whose level is “Manager»?

Answer: Nobody.

2. How many identification devices with the level “Manager» or “Executor» may be at the Client’s disposal?

Answer: The Bank does not limit number of identification devices of different levels used by the Client.

3. Can a user with a level “Executor» limit authority of the other users?

Answer: No, the user can not. Moreover, a user whose level is “Executor» may not even know that his authority is limited.

4. How can I start using the service of delineation of authority?


  • You will need to sign a request on assignment of an appropriate authority level of identification devices which are at your disposal.
  • Upon setting of the respective authority on your identification devices by the Bank, you can sign an application for use of the service of delineation of users’ authority in the system InternetBanka (Menu: Settings-> Authority) and to set the desired authority in the special form of the system (Menu: Settings-> Authority). In future you will be able to change users’ authority as often as you need it.

5. How can I see the history of operations performed by my users in the system?


Answer: As a user whose level is “Manager» you have an access to all accounts, statements and documents in the archive, whoever performed an operation.