PNB Prime

PNB Banka provides a 5% cashback on the amounts spent in restaurants and bars all over the world!

Only for 3 EUR per month you will receive the most required products and services:

  • payment card Mastercard® Gold;
    Convenient and safe means of payment world-wide.
  • credit limit;
    Free execution of an interest-free loan for up to 55 days.
  • cashback on purchases;
    5%1 cashback on the purchases made in restaurants, bars or specialized beverage stores all over the world.
  • interest for account balance;
    0.3%2 (per annum) for the minimum card account balance in EUR currency during a month.
  • Internet bank;
    Functional online tool for remote management of the accounts from any place in the world 24/7.
  • cost-free transfers;
    Unlimited number of transfers in EUR currency via Internet bank (within EEA).
  • SMS bank;
    Possibility to control the status of the account by receiving information about any changes in your account – both incoming and outgoing amounts.
  • discount on the acquisition of insurance;
    Real estate insurance, travel insurance or KASKO with a 10% discount on the standard price set by the insurer.
  • automatic invoice payment at a reduced transfer fee.


The PNB Prime Set is offered to VIP customers of PNB Banka.

* A reduced fee is applied (standard fee – 6 EUR):
  • if a customer has the Maximum Deposit executed for the amount that equals to or exceeds 5000 EUR or USD, for 12 months or more; or
  • if during the previous calendar month the customer has made in total at least 5 of the following banking transactions: transfers from the account attached to the set (the activity does not include the transfers made under the same customer's code at PNB Banka), payments made by payment cards for goods and services or withdrawal of cash from ATM using the payment card linked to the set.
The debiting date is considered to be the date when the customer’s account is debited with the amount of the settlement.
1 The Bank credits the payment card account with cashback for the purchases made during a month using Mastercard® Gold to during the next month. See the current cashback rate and terms on the bank’s home page In accordance with the rate and provisions set in the Bank’s service fees, the Bank makes a cashback, as well as calculates and transfers taxes to the state budget of the Republic of Latvia considering the requirements of the Law on the Personal Income Tax and other laws regulating tax imposition.
2 Interest is calculated only for the balance on the account, to which the payment card Mastercard® Gold is linked under the Prime Set.