Sample of payment order

The Industrial and Commercial Bank of China, Ltd, Beijing, China

Beneficiary Name
Beneficiary´s bank JSC "PNB Banka", Riga, Latvia
Beneficiary´s bank account 0101000111902801779
Correspondent bank The Industrial and Commercial Bank of China, Ltd
55 Fuxingmennei Avenue, Xicheng District, Beijing, P.R. China
CNAPS: 102100099996


Important! China Yuan – partially convertible currency therefore we kindly ask you to observe the following conditions, making FX deals in CNY:

  • CNY can be bought to facilitate further outgoing trade-related payments only.
  • In case the trade-related payment is not effected within 3 (three) months time after the FX deal with CNY, the CNY funds in your account will be exchanged back into the original currency according with currency exchange rate fixed by AS „NORVK BANKA” at the day of transaction for which you irrevocably and unconditionally give rights to AS „NORVK BANKA” by exchanging currency into CNY. Please take into account that in a result of such money exchange back to original currency the amount could differ from original amount and also in negative side for the client. AS „NORVK BANKA” shall not be liable for any client’s loses which may occur in a result of mentioned exchange.

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