Suggestions and complaints

It is very important for PNB Banka to know your opinion about the Bank and it´s activities, as this will help us to improve the quality of the Bank's products and services and increase our level of customer service.


If you have any suggestion, reference, complaint or application, you can submit it:


Suggestions and references


by phone 67041100 (within working hours - from 9:00 until 18:00)

During the conversation *

in oral form at branch of the Bank

by e-mail to

Within 2 working day *

in the Internet banking system

by post to the address: 15 Elizabetes str., Riga, Latvia, LV-1010

Within 30 calendar days *

in written form at any branch of the Bank

Applications and complaints

Review and reply

in the Internet banking system

Within 30 calendar days *

in written form at branch of the Bank

by post to the address: 15 Elizabetes str., Riga, Latvia, LV-1010


Consideration of suggestions, references, complaints and applications is regulated by the legislation of Republic of Latvia and the Bank’s internal regulations approved by the Board of PNB Banka.


The Bank registers all documents received from the Client, i.e. suggestions, references, complaints and applications. After the registration the document is forwarded to a responsible employee of the Bank, who:


  • reviews the document guided by its content and substance;
  • examines the information and facts specified in the document;
  • requests additional information or documents from the Client if necessary for the objective examination of the question.


The Bank's responsible employee prepares registers and provides a reply to the Client's applications and complaints, replies to the Client's suggestions and references are not provided.


A reply to the Client's application or complaint the Bank provides in the same form (electronically or in paper form) and using the same communication channel (Internetbank, e-mail) in which the application or complaint was received, unless the Client has indicated another form or communication channel as desirable. If the Client has indicated that his application or complain doesn’t require a reply, the Bank does not provide a reply to this application or complaint.


If the Bank has replied, but you still consider the question is unsolved, you have the right to refer your complaints to the Ombudsman of the Association of Latvian Commercial Banks, following the "Procedure for Reviewing the Complaints of Credit Institution Customers by the Ombudsman of the Association of Commercial Banks of Latvia" approved by the Council of the Association of Latvian Commercial Banks, or to Financial and capital market commission, or to Consumer rights protection center if you are a consumer.


* The Bank reviews the Client's documents, i.e. suggestions, references, applications and complaints, as quickly as possible, and not later than the deadline indicated. If review of the document or preparing of the reply for objective reasons may take longer time, the Bank’s responsible employee notifies the Client about the expected date of the reply.

** The Bank's operations are supervised by the Financial and Capital Market Commission of Latvia (Kungu Street 1, Riga, LV-1050).