Everyday package

Do not count everyday cash transfer commission fees and use the advantages offered by the credit card if you require extra funds for unforeseen expenses!

A card with a credit limit for shopping

Standard Mastercard payment card with a credit limit for unplanned or bigger purchases

Online bank with Google Authenticator

PNB online bank with the convenient Google Authenticator authorisation tool

Free EUR transfers

EUR transfers free of charge via online bank (within the EEA)

Discounts on insurance

Discounts for property insurance, accident insurance and OCTA policy


Service Type Fee

Consideration of documents for opening the set

free of charge

Monthly payment for using the set

1.50 EUR 1


1This charge is applay if during the previous calendar month the customer in total made more than 5 banking transactions of the following type: money transfers from the account attached to the set (the activity does not include money transfers made under the same client’s code with PNB Banka) or payments for goods and services made with a payment card, or cash withdrawal from an ATM using a payment card attached to the set. The date when the customer’s account is debited for the amount of the settlement is considered to be the settlement date.


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