VIVA credit card

Type of services VIVA Mastercard® Standard
1. Payment for card issuance EUR 2
2. Monthly payment for using card EUR 2
3. Payment for issuance of additional card EUR 2
4. Monthly payment for using additional card EUR 2
5. Cash withdrawal fee
    - in PNB Banka’s ATMs in Riga, 11 Raina boulevard, 2B Prusu Street 2% of amount (min. EUR 3)
    - in PNB Banka with a card (in EUR) 2.5% (min. EUR 4)
    - in other banks and other banks’ ATMs in Latvia and abroad 3% (min. EUR 4)
    - in PNB Banka without using a card 2.5% (min. EUR 4)
    - Charge for transfer from the card account in accordance with the current account rates + 2% (min. EUR 3)
6. Purchase fee (incl. purchases online)
- in Latvia and abroad free of charge
- at the following traders (see the attachment) 1% of transaction value (min. EUR 2)
7. Payment for extraordinary replacement of card if it is lost or damaged EUR 15
8. Payment for urgent production of card (within 8 business hours) EUR 30
9. Fee for sending a report
    - via mail across Latvia EUR 2.13
    - via e-mail free of charge
    - when obtaining it at PNB Banka's branch EUR 0.71
10. Presentation of additional reports EUR 1.42
11. Amendment of the agreement terms (except for the change of a Payment date under the Viva credit card) EUR 15
12. Fee for balance inquiry at other ATMs EUR 0.50
13. Fee for using a card account without an active card (except for the Citizen Card, PNB Premium and PNB Prime sets), from the 4th to the 6th month (inclusive) EUR 0.50 monthly
14. Servicing of each Account if the client is inactive (surcharge)

A client shall be deemed inactive if neither of his/her settlement/card accounts opened in the Bank has had at least 3 (three) debit operations per month during any of the last 4 (four) calendar months (except for debit operations related to withholding the Bank’s commission fees) and/or salary, pension and/or allowance is credited to the account in a non-cash form, and/or the client is not provided any of the following services: deposit, investment account, marginal account, a loan and it is not more than 5 (five) days overdue, pre-paid utility commission payment card.

EUR 1 monthly
15. Fee for balance request at PNB Banka’s ATM free of charge
16. Fee for PIN code change through PNB Banka’s ATM free of charge
17. Unblocking PIN code in PNB Banka’s ATM free of charge
18. Verification of documents for a private person to open an account with a residence permit EUR 25



Interest rates for VIVA card loans
1. Loan (% of average monthly income) up to 300%
2. Monthly payment amount (% of average monthly income) up to 30%
3. Interest for using a loan (per annum) by cards opened before 15.05.2014. from 22% to 27% of the used loan amount
4. Regular interest rate for using a loan by cards opened after 16.05.2014. 17.99% per annum of the used loan amount
5. Improved* interest rate for using a loan by cards opened after 16.05.2014. 16.99%* per annum of the used loan amount
6. Penalty interest per day for overdraft 0.167%
7. Penalty interest per day for delayed monthly payment 0.25%


* Improved interest rate may be applied if a customer meets at least one of the terms:
- the customer has transferred regular income to the account at PNB Banka for at least 6 months;
- the customer transfers their pension to the account at PNB Banka or together with the loan processing the Bank files an application to the State Social Insurance Agency on transferring the pension to PNB Banka;
- the customer has paid in full and/or 50% of obligations towards PNB Banka with a delayed payment for the entire period by every granted loan separately not exceeding 10 days for the entire loan period and/or the customer has an active card with a credit limit for at least 6 months and delayed payments separately for the entire period does not exceed 10 days for the entire loan period;
- a natural person who is not a customer of PNB Banka or is PNB Banka's customer has repaid 2 (two) or more loans at PNB Banka or in other credit institutions and exceeded not more than a single payment term of aggregate duration not exceeding 60 days for the entire loan period.