Lidija Dzene

Head of Strategic Project Management Department

How did you come to PNB Banka, what was the beginning of your carrier?

 Before PNB Banka I worked as an accountant in a company where I was introduced without any training, the communication with employees and management was difficult, and wages were late quite regularly. It was unpleasant. So, as soon as I learned about the new seniors programme at PNB Banka, I applied immediately. After the job interview we signed an employment contract and I started to work at the Bank on November 14, 2017.


What was your main gain while working at PNB Banka?

 The team took me in wonderfully. An active work process started as I was responsible for setting up the work group of the seniors’ programme, interviewing and recruiting the new staff – consultants of the seniors. Together with the Personnel Department we managed to recruit a team of good employees. It was necessary to create a database for this group, conduct discussions and consultations, familiarise myself with PNB Banka products, especially those aimed at the seniors, organise training for the consultants of the seniors, perform various organisational activities, visit the branches. This work is creative and gives me the necessary satisfaction.


How would you describe PNB Banka as an employer?

 I can only say the best about PNB Banka as an employer. The greeting letter from the Chairman of the Board on the first working day, the solemn start of the first working day, colleagues’ responsiveness and kindness – all this makes up a very pleasant micro-climate and brings joy to work. I have a good work place and my salary is always on time. It gives satisfaction and encourages doing my best to achieve the results.