Consumer Loan

A loan for bigger goals and ideas. Turn them into reality today, and repay the loan step by step later. 

  • Set the required amount of the loan yourself to € 10,000
  • Flexible loan repayment terms: from 3 to 60 months
  • Low interest rate: from 12% per year

Amount EUR

€ 150

€ 10000

Loan term in months

Monthly payment
If you are planning a bigger purchase or need additional funds for long-planned repairs, a trip or other practical purposes, a consumer loan is the right choice!

Money in the account right away

The Bank will examine the application within 30 minutes

Less paperwork

To take out a loan, you only need to present your passport or ID

Take out a joint loan and get more

Possibility to attract a co-borrower to receive a larger amount

Repay when convenient

You may freely choose a repayment date

... and a number of other advantages

  • Money is available in the account as soon as the agreement is signed
  • There are fixed monthly payments for the loan
  • Possibility to repay the loan before maturity (in part or in full) without penalty
  • Your salary does not necessarily have to be transferred to your account with PNB Banka

It is really easy to apply!


Submit your application

Fill in the application in the online bank or at the nearest PNB Banka customer service centre

Apply for a loan


Find out the answer within half an hour

The Bank will examine the application within 30 minutes and inform you about its decision and the conditions for issuing the loan   


Sign the agreement and receive the loan

The money will be transferred to your account immediately after signing the agreement at the customer service centre. Do not forget to bring along your passport or ID!

Consumer credit

A loan for bigger goals and ideas.

Amount EUR

€ 150

€ 10000

Loan term in months

Monthly payment

If you apply for a loan of € 1,000 with a maturity of 12 months and an interest rate of 17% per annum, the monthly payment will be € 91.20. The total cost of the loan will be € 1,114.40. This amount covers interest payments of € 94.40 and the loan processing fee of € 20. The annual percentage rate (APR) = 23.0%.

The calculations are informative only. Contact a customer service centre of PNB Banka for details. Borrow advisedly, having reasonably assessed your ability to pay the loan back!


Examination of documents for a possibility of loan granting: free of charge
A partial or complete early repayment of the loan: free of charge
Processing and issuance of a loan: 2% of the loan amount (min. € 20)


Pricelist for private customers

Frequently asked questions

What are the conditions for receiving a loan?

You may qualify for a consumer loan if you are an economically active person; a private individual; a resident of the Republic of Latvia aged from 18 to 65 (at loan maturity). Your income must be at least € 260 after tax per month, and your total monthly loan repayments must not exceed 30% of your total monthly income.

How fast does the bank take a decision on issuing a consumer loan?

The answer about granting the loan is given within 30 minutes. However, if additional information and documents are required for taking the decision, the decision will be made within 2 days.

May I receive a loan if my salary is transferred to an account in another bank?

Yes, however, the loan conditions will be more favourable if you receive your regular income in an account with PNB Banka.

May I receive a loan to settle my obligations with another bank?

Yes, we will consider the possibility to grant a loan if your credit obligations and income so allow. You can use the loan amount granted to you at your own discretion, for example, to repay other loans.

May I repay the loan before maturity and will penalty be charged for it?

Yes, you may repay your loan before maturity in full or in part. No extra fee will be charged for repaying the loan. If you want to repay the loan in full, find out the balance of the loan amount and the accrued interest amount and transfer it to your account with PNB Banka. Then submit an order at the Bank’s customer service centre or send a message via InternetBanka. If you want to repay the loan in part, contact the Bank’s customer service centre and notify whether you want to reduce the amount of the monthly payment or the period of the loan.

How will the monthly payments be made: automatically or do I have to transfer them?

Monthly payments, including partial repayment of principal and interest payments, will be deducted automatically from your account with PNB Banka on your chosen date.