Access to global financial markets

Trading in Russian, American, European and other assets


No hidden fees

Best execution and MiFID II

Performance for the best available price + separate storage of clients' and Bank's assets

On-line opening of the investment account

Remote processing of documents

Individual approach

Flexibility in solution the clients’ assignments

Large network of business partners

The Bank collaborates with large trading houses and banks for performance of financial transactions

Financial markets

Financial markets

Select you instrument: Stocks, Bonds, Futures, Options etc.

On-line trading

24/7 on-line access by means of hi-tech trading platforms

Additional funding

Quick access to resources. Possibility to increase profitability.

Investment funds

The best place for investments

Marginal trading

Performance of speculative trading or hedging operations using the funds, provided to the trader as a loan on the security of the agreed amount — margin.

How to open an account

On-line opening of an account during 1 day.


Actual tariffs for the work on financial markets.

Regulatory documents

MiFID, EMIR etc.